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AMG is a leading certified accounting firm that offers both Egyptian and foreign businesses a top-notch accounting, audit, tax, advisory, and legal services. To meet your company's needs, our knowledgeable team collaborates to deliver tailored individualized solutions.

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Sanyu Consultants Inc.

Amgad Abdullah is an intelligent, friendly, and professional man; we have only seen great results since working with him in the financial development of our company from the start of our contract with him until now, and we strongly recommend working with AMG.

Infinity Constructions

إنهم محترفون في ما يخص المحاسبة والضرائب، أيضاً الاستشارات المالية المتخصصة رائعة وفعاله، AMG بلا شك أفضل الشركات المحاسبية في مصر، ونوصي بشده بالتعاقد معهم.

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No matter the issue, industry, or stage of development, the AMG team collaborates to provide expert solutions tailored to your unique needs. Trust our team's expertise, ability, and understanding to deliver the right answer for your business.

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Let AMG simplify your finances with our expert blend of tradition and innovation. See how our accountancy, tax, and advisory services can boost your business success.

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Leverage our acclaimed accountancy excellence for financial mastery and strategic growth.

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Benefit from personalized, expert guidance in auditing and financial strategy to steer your success.

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Maximize your resources with our tailored tax services and payroll solutions, enhancing your bottom line.

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Adapt swiftly to market changes with our innovative advisory services, staying ahead in a dynamic environment.

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In the landscape of business, navigating towards success requires a partner as committed to your growth as you are. At AMG, we offer bespoke financial strategies and expert guidance to ensure your business not only thrives today but continues to lead into the future.

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